Maxi Cage


When providing bicycle parking for outside locations consideration should be given to providing protection from the elements
along with a high level of security, particularly in locations where bicycles are parked long-term.

With a welded aluminium frame and high security steel mesh this bike cage offers good weather protection and maximum security
for the bicycles stored within.

This aesthetically attractive curved shelter is modern and can be powder coated to suit your environment.

6000mm (L) x 4600mm (W) x 2200mm (H)

• Up to 32 bike capacity.
• Suits various bike parking options.
• Design can be extended to provide increased capacity.
• Can be customised to suit individual requirements.
• Clearly defines bike parking area.
• Various cladding options available.
• Various locking options available.

• Colleges and universities.
• Workplaces.
• Residential apartments.
• Recreation centres.
• Transport hubs.

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