SecuraBike ‘Compact’ Galvanised 6 Bike Rack

Bigger is better. Larger 400mm spacings and staggered heights, which equate to 800mm spacings at the handlebars.
This is a cyclist’s favourite and highly recommended where space is available.

The Compact Bicycle Rack is supplied in flat pack form for ease of shipping and do-it-yourself installation.
Security rails with wheel supports are supplied unattached and can be quickly bolted to the base rail to provide single, double sided or angled units.

2240mm x 1058mm x 830mm

Available In Hot Dipped Galvanised Finish With HDPE Protective Sleeves

• Easy to use with generous 400mm spacings
• Efficient bicycle storage
• Easily assembled and installed on site
• Long lasting and durable
• Flat pack allows for economical shipping
• Ideal for external and internal applications
• Best suited for medium term parking

• Residential apartments
• Recreation centres
• Secondary schools, colleges and universities
• Workplaces
• Retail shopping

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