SecuraBike ‘Compact’ Galvanised 4 Bike Rack

New Zealand’s most popular rack which is a favourite with cyclists, as the leaning rail provides full support of the bicycle minimising the possibility of accidental damage. It also allows cyclists to securely locate the front or back wheel while allowing them to use a “U” lock to secure the frame and the other wheel to the leaning rail.

Wheel supports have staggered heights which allows bicycles to be located with 300mm spacings rather than the normal 600mm with other racks. The CBR4SCG is the logical choice when catering for and securing large numbers of bicycles.

The Compact Bicycle Rack is supplied in flat pack form for ease of shipping and do-it-yourself installation. Security rails with wheel supports are supplied unattached and can be quickly bolted to the base rail to provide single, double sided or angled units.

1200mm x 1058mm x 828mm

Available In Hot Dipped Galvanised Finish With HDPE Protective Sleeves

• Allows the highest density of bicycles parked horizontally
• Efficient bicycle storage
• Easily assembled and installed on site
• Long lasting and durable
• Flat pack allows for economical shipping
• Ideal for external and internal applications
• Best suited for medium term parking

• Residential apartments
• Recreation centres
• Secondary schools, colleges and universities
• Workplaces
• Retail shopping
• Transport hubs

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