SecuraBike Repair Station


All transportation equipment requires maintenance and cycling is no different.
The SecuraBike repair stations are designed to be seen, advertise their purpose and provide the tools and services required.

SecuraBike has developed a range of bicycle repair and pump stations that are suitable for end-of-journey facilities, bicycle paths or any location where cyclists gather.

They are designed to allow cyclists to position their bicycle conveniently above ground to carry out routine maintenance and repairs.

All SecuraBike repair stations can be fitted with the optional tool package, tool baskets and Bicycle Repair Station signage.

Suitable for both indoor or outdoor locations, it provides a sturdy repair station for servicing and maintenance.

Includes a foot pump, pressure gauge and selection of tools.

Available in Galvanised / Powder Coated

• Safely secures bicycle during repair
• Encourages regular bicycle maintenance
• Stores bicycle tools, spares and repair kits
• Frees-up work bench space

• End-of-journey facilities
• Bicycle retailers
• Home workshops
• Universities and TAFE colleges
• Bicycle paths and tracks